The Kalasubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra. The altitude of this peak from sea level is 1646 metres (5400 ft). Difficulty level of this trek is medium but for the people who are not physically active it may be moderately difficult. This trek consist of stairs, free trial and some long metal ladder which are in good condition. You can complete this trek within 6-7 hr. In peak season this trek is highly packed so you have to wait long at many time where metal ladder are present. You may find local vendors during the trek selling salads and lime juice.

History Of Kalsubai Peak

Once upon a time, Patil was living in Indore village. His son used to take his cattle to the forest for grazing,a girl voice heard, The question “Shall I come along?” Was heard every time.
One day when he agreed to accompany her, a little girl appeared in front of him But before she came along, she insisted that she should never be told to pick up trash and garbage.Accepting this condition, Patil brought her home but when the boy came to see her for marriage, same things told kalsubai by her parents to do. So enraged, Kalsubai went to a high hill and from there she came and stay in the forest near Bari village.
There is a legend that Kalsubai got the name Kalsubai because she lived on the mountain forever without even listening to her brother who came to take her back.

How to reach
Base camp for this trek is Bari village
Bari village is 60 KM away from Nashik city.
Nearest railway station is Kasara which is 50 KM from Bari village.
You can get taxi from Kasara to reach Bari.

When to go
Monsoon : It is the stunning experience to trek here in monsoon as you can see nature at its full bloom but to see this you have to ready to face heavy rain and wind. As in monsoon there is less visibility so you won’t get many pictures. You can see waterfalls here and you will enjoy it.

Winter : This is the best time to visit here. As in winter due to clear atmosphere you can see surrounding peak like Ratangad, Alang, Malang, Harishchandra gad from the top of the kalasubai peak. You can also see the back water of Bhandardara (Wilson) damp.

Summer : If you plan to trek here in summer then you must start your trek in early morning. If you get to start your trek you have to face harsh sun light and dry wind which will dehydrate your body very soon and you will face difficulty to complete your trek. Please carry 2-3 litter water with you as there is no water available on peak. You may find local vendors during the trek selling salads and lime juice.

Food/ Accommodation/ Parking
You can buy some food from base village Bari
You can park your personal vehicle at base village Bari Parking Also Available
If you want to stay here you have to many homestay available on the base Camping also available on the top/middle/base of peak